Change MSN Password

By | May 15, 2018

Although the MSN (Microsoft Network) and Windows Live is technically two different services, there is some repetition inevitable. Some MSN services, such as Hotmail, initially renamed the Windows Live service when the system first launched Windows Live. You sign in to MSN with your account name and password in Windows Live. Changing this password after months keep unethical people who access the services associated with Windows Live and MSN provide under your name.

How to Change MSN PasswordChange MSN Password

1: Sign in to any MSN or Windows Live(Login Hotmail) services with your current password.Change MSN Password

2: Direct access to the account settings page. It is located in In addition, you can specify its name on the screen and click on it. This can be shown in many different places, depending on the service you sign in:

  • On, scroll down by half page until you see the Messenger tab, Facebook and Twitter on the right side of the screen. Click the Messenger tab, then click the “Hello, <your name>” when it appears.
  • When you access Photos, Office, Hotmail or Windows Live home page, your name will be shown in the upper right corner of the screen. Click here to access your account settings.
  • If you can not find his name was shown, go directly to password and sign in with your current.

Change MSN Password

3: Find the entry “password:” underneath the title of account information. Click the “change” link on the right side of your password.Change MSN Password

4: Enter your old password. Remember, it distinguishes uppercase letters.Change MSN Password

5: Enter your new password in the next field. Like the original Windows Live password, it distinguishes the case sensitive and at least 6 characters long.Change MSN Password

6: Enter your new password in the next field.Change MSN Password

7: Click the box next to “Put my password expire after 72 days” If you want an automatic prompt to change your password.Change MSN Password

8: Click “Save” to finalize the password change.

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