How to forward emails to others in Hotmail

By | April 24, 2018

You see a Hotmail email in your inbox that you want to notify someone about (without losing other important data)? Like any other e-mail, you can forward the entire email to the email address of another person. This article will explain to you the process.

The steps taken :

1: Access Hotmail web page in your web browser.

2: If you are not logged in. Sign in Hotmail with your login information to your account.

3: Search email messages you want to forward to someone and click once on it to highlight it.

4: Click the “Forward” button underneath the “Reply” right above the title of this message.

5 :Click the blank box directly to the right of the button marked “To”. Enter the recipient’s name as written in your address book or enter the exact email as when you entered initially or if it does not match the type, you can enter the email address that does not need to enter any other text.

You can click the “Go” and scroll to a contact. However, with installation completed the initial automatic as you type, you’ll probably find this option easier and faster to find who you are looking for.

6: Customize notifications, if you want to personalize it and explain to them why you send them this message. Message in the large box below (optional).  Click on the “Send” from above this new announcement.

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