How to Reset a Lost Hotmail Password – On Mobile

By | April 19, 2018

This teach you how to reset a forgotten password for your Microsoft Outlook account. Microsoft Outlook is the email service provider for any official email address ending in ““, so you will use to reset your password Outlook Hotmail, Live and / or Outlook.

On Mobile:

 1: Open Outlook. Tap the Outlook app icon, which resembles a white box with a blue “O” on it.2: Tap Get Started. Skip this step if you’ve opened Outlook before.

  • You should only have to reset your Outlook password if you have never signed into Outlook on your smartphone or tablet, or if your account recently had the password changed.

3: Enter your email address. You’ll do so in the text field that’s in the middle of the page.

4: Tap Add account. It’s below the email address field. This will take you to the password entry page.

  • Skip this step if you’re signing back into Outlook after a password reset or a reinstallation of the Outlook app.

5: Tap the Forgot my password link. It’s near the bottom of the screen.

6: Check the “I forgot my password” box. This is the top option on the page.

7: Tap Next. It’s at the bottom of the screen.

8: Enter the verification code. Tap the “Enter the characters you see” text box, then type in the characters that are in the code box above the text box.

  • You can tap New next to the code box to reset the code here.
  • The letters and numbers in the code box are case-sensitive.

9: Tap Next.

10: Tap an account recovery option. Tap either Email or Text on this page.

  • If you haven’t registered a backup phone number, you’ll just see Email here.
  • If you didn’t register a backup email account or phone number, tap I don’t have any of these, tap Next, enter a backup email, and follow the on-screen instructions. This may help you get your account back.

11: Enter your email address or phone number. Tap the text field below your chosen recovery option and enter your full email address (Email) or the last four digits of your phone number (Text) to verify your identity.

12: Tap Send code. It’s in the lower-right corner of the page. Doing so will send a recovery code to your email address or phone number.

13: Retrieve the recovery code. To do so:

  • Email – Open the recovery email address, select the email from “Microsoft account team”, and note the code next to the “Security code” heading.
  • Text – Open your phone’s Messages app, tap the text from Microsoft (usually a six-digit phone number), and note the code in the text message.

14: Enter the recovery code. Tap the “Enter the code” text field, type in the code that you retrieved from your email address or phone, and tap Next. As long as your code is correct, this will take you to the password reset page.

15: Enter a new password. Type your new password into the “New password” and “Reenter password” fields, then tap Next.

16: Tap Next when prompted. This will take you back to the sign-in page where you can sign into your account using your new password.

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